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The kitchen is often the busiest place in the household, and as such, it becomes the hub of our home lives and where ever great family story begins. However, like a well-loved toy, the most used areas in any home are also the most abused. For this reason, an experienced general contractor will usually recommend a kitchen renovation before you list to attract home buyers.


Though it can be a small space, the general contractor is always focused on the details when it comes to a kitchen renovation. The devil is always in the details, and for this condo renovation project, we also took care of some of the plumbing and electrical work.

The 3 Day Reno team cleaned out space before remodelling work started. Everything had to go… but don’t worry. We always dispose of our materials properly.

All the fixtures were replaced, starting with fitting a glossy mid-range quartz counter, a double-bowl stainless steel undermount kitchen sink, faucet and P-trap plumbing. This plumbing system is to maintain safety and keeps the odour IN the sewers and OUT of your condo. I think we can all agree nobody wants an unsafe or a smelly kitchen.

Electrical work in the kitchen renovation involved the installation of the LED strip light below the cabinets, four pot lights in the ceiling box, two new GFCI electrical outlets and one switch. The LED strip lights were a funky feature that gave the kitchen an interesting and modern look which was recommended by the general contractor. The lights can be remotely operated to change colours, and they were complemented by a cool backsplash. The 3 Day Reno team used a cement board to even out the wall prior to the backsplash installation. We also primed and applied a fresh coat of paint to the drywall and ceiling to finish the kitchen condo renovation.

3 Day Reno can transform your great-grandmother’s kitchen into a trendy and functional space. For kitchen renovations, big or small, contact us today! You’ll be glad you did.

Project Details

  • Location: Toronto
  • Project Begin: January 2018
  • Project End: January 2018
  • Project Manager: Mr. Gallant


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