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It is every homeowner’s nightmare. Your entire home is in shambles, all of your belongings are packed away, and you are staying at your sister-in-law’s house where you are sharing a bathroom with her 5-year-old twins. And to top it all off, your contractor leaves you high and dry before the flooring is installed. We have seen it before, and we are here to help.

The guys at 3 Day Reno are the men you call when you need a quality condo renovation completed. We have been in the business a long time, and we consider it to be our mission to turn your dreams into reality. We understand how frustrating a bad renovation experience can be, but we are here to pick up the pieces and recreate your vision. At the end of the day, we want to help you make your dream condo a reality, and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have an enjoyable renovation experience.


This client found us after his experience with his previous contractor led him right to our door. He approached the 3 Day Reno team to work on his condo after the previous job had been completed, but he was extremely frustrated with the result. Every time he was home, the mistakes ran through his head and just thinking about the high costs of the job set his teeth on edge. The entire renovation was worthless, and he knew the mistakes should be corrected. He was looking for THE renovation to beat ALL renovations, so it’s a good thing he called 3 Day Reno.


We began in the kitchen where we removed all of the existing tiles and cabinets. Everything is disposed of properly of course – we’re good like that! After levelling the floor, we installed the new tiles and baseboards. The walls were freshly painted, and LED lighting was installed under the cabinets. And just like that, our client has a brand new kitchen he is happy to show off and host a dinner party.

The 3 Day Reno team now turned our attention to the bathroom. First, we removed and disposed of the existing shower base. Then we installed the drywall with plaster and routed the plumbing for the new fixtures. Next, we installed the shower frame with a membrane to ensure the shower floor and enclosure will be water-tight and prevent water from seeping through any gaps and into underlying materials. We also used a Densshield for the shower surround to protect the walls from the intrusion of moisture. After this, we finished the look with new tiles and a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. We installed the vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, and – a token right from the client’s wish list – a heated towel bar. Utility, like beauty, is in the details.

To complete the condo, the 3 Day Reno team added a few small touches that make any unit feel like home. We installed cork foam underlay, engineered flooring and baseboards in the living room and bedrooms. We also assembled two custom closet organizers, shelving, and drawers for storage and French doors to add a few unique pieces to the condo.

This project was definitely a success in our book because the client was finally happy with his home. We managed to bring him his dream condo, and now he can enjoy his newly renovated condo with friends and family with pride. Now that’s a happy ending!

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Project Details

  • Location: Toronto
  • Project Begin: August 2017
  • Project End: September 2017
  • Project Manager: Mr. Kushnir

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Customer Rating

What Our Client Said About Us

I had a disaster of a situation where a previous contractor took me for a ride. I was extremely cautious about working with a new company. The last guy took the money and ran. And he left my place flooded on the last day. 3 day reno was amazing. Andre came over the next day to assess. Patrick got me a quote quickly and worked with me til it made sense for me. They are extraordinarily organized. Roman was the project manager and he kept things moving. It took longer than expected but this was not their fault. I had to take care of a lot of leftover stuff from my previous guy. They would have done the job sooner if they could have.

I sometimes felt bad that my busy life was slowing things down. The quality was excellent. Anytime there was an issue with what I wanted and what was possible, Roman was very clear and specific and patient with me. They have come back to address an issue we didn’t realize til after it was all done. Again, this was not their issue but leftover problems with the previous guy. they came over the next week and sorted it out completely to my satisfaction. I highly recommend these guys. They work hard, quickly and communicate very clearly. Their quality is excellent. In truth, they saved my home from a disaster.

Company Response

Thank you for taking the time to review and detail your 3 Day Reno experience.
We truly appreciate your input and allowing our team to look after your home especially after the unpleasant situation with a previous contractor.
We take pride in our work and try to do our very best to strive for complete client satisfaction. Enjoy your home !

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